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Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 February 2008, 07:23 GMT
Pakistanis react to poll trends
Pakistan election montage

A day after Pakistan voted in national and provincial elections, voters tell the BBC News website about their reactions to the results and the mood on the streets in their area.

Swat Valley: Najeeb Ullah:

A monument at the centre of Najeeb's village
There was violence in Najeeb's village in Swat valley

I did not vote in the elections. I support Mr Imran Khan and since he boycotted the polls, so did I.

Voting here was peaceful and although there was a lot of fear in the people in the morning and the voter turnout was low, it picked up in the afternoon.

There was a bomb explosion just a kilometre from where we are, we saw the flames, but thankfully no one was killed.

The election results show that people do not want a dictator, they want President Musharraf to go.

We want the judges [who were sacked by President Musharraf] to be restored, then the next government will be able to complete its full term.

We have a lot of hope from the next government - we want the oppression in Swat Valley to stop. We want our problems to be solved.

Peshawar: Shaheen Zeb:

Shaheen Zeb

My husband is a senior member of Benazir Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party, so I too support PPP.

I couldn't go out to vote because I was on official election duty at a centre which was many hours' journey from where I was registered.

But nevertheless, PPP is winning in Peshawar and I'm very happy about that. If the party had won in the whole country, it would have been even better.

There is a lot of support in these areas for Benazir Bhutto. Because she was killed, a lot of people came out and voted for her.

The polling centre in Khazana Sugar Mill village, where I was on duty, falls in a very conservative area. Here, men don't like their women to go out, so not a single woman came out to vote.

I sat in the room the whole day, waiting for the voters, but no one came.

Larkana, Sindh Province: Zamzam Aman:

Zamzam Aman

Benazir Bhutto's PPP is winning in most seats here - I'm very excited by it. I went out last night and people were celebrating in the streets, they were carrying banners saying "Dear Benazir" and they raised slogans. Some people had tears in their eyes - we're all missing Benazir so much.

Now whoever forms the government will have a big challenge on hand - Pakistan is in crisis. We have a power crisis, the economy is in crisis and politics is in crisis.

Some people say Pakistan will vanish off the world's map, but we won't let that happen. We love our country and we have to make sure that we bounce back.

And it's only PPP which can do that.

Sialkot: Ahmad Mir:

We are traditional supporters of Mr Nawaz Sharif and the PML-N and almost all our candidates here have won. I'm very happy that our party is doing so well.

Yesterday, I went around asking all my friends and relatives to go out and vote and thankfully they all did.

We had wonderful celebrations the whole night.

Now that the vote is over, we want peace and democracy, we want equality for everyone.

We can be as peaceful and democratic as any other country in the world. But for that, we want military interference to stop.

Let the people choose what they want to do, let them decide who runs the country.

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