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Scotland Yard on Bhutto - key points
Key points from the Scotland Yard inquiry into the death of Benazir Bhutto on 27 December, 2007:

"The task of establishing exactly what happened was complicated by the lack of an extended and detailed search of the crime scene, the absence of an autopsy, and the absence of recognised body recovery and victim identification processes.


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"Nevertheless, the evidence that is available is sufficient for reliable conclusions to be drawn."

The report says that one of the main pieces of evidence were the hospital X-rays of Ms Bhutto's head.

"Ms Bhutto's only apparent injury was a major trauma to the right side of the head. The UK experts all exclude this injury being an entry or exit wound as a result of gunshot.

"The possibility of a bullet wound to her mid or lower trunk can reasonably be excluded. This is based upon the protection afforded by the armoured vehicle in which she was travelling at the time of the attack, and the accounts of her family and hospital staff who examined her."

The UK government pathologist taking part in the investigation, Dr Nathaniel Cary, said: "The only tenable cause for the rapidly fatal head injury in this case is that it occurred as the result of impact due to the effects of the bomb-blast."

Dr Cary also said: "In my opinion Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto died as a result of a severe head injury sustained as a consequence of the bomb-blast and due to head impact somewhere in the escape hatch of the vehicle." (NB The escape hatch of the car was at the time described as the "sun roof".)

The report rejects suggestions that more than one person was involved in the attack.

"All the available evidence points toward the person who fired shots and the person who detonated the explosives being one and the same person."

"Analysis of the media footage places the gunman at the rear of the vehicle and looking down immediately before the explosion. The footage does not show the presence of any other potential bomber."

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