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Benazir Bhutto: Your comments and experiences
Benezir Bhutto
In the wake of Benazir Bhutto's death, the BBC has recieved thousands of comments from readers in the region.

The leader of the Pakistan People's Party was assassinated at an election rally in Rawalpindi.

Here are a selection of comments from Pakistan:


Benazir's death is not only shocking for all Pakistanis it's also an attack on all moderate forces within our country. It feels like a true leader is lost forever. This brutality has no place in our religion and even if one didn't agree with her policy or was doubtful of her innocence in corruption charges, she was a brave woman and an inspiration to all. Pakistan People's Party should still take part in the elections. They will surely sweep to victory.
Nadda Salim, Karachi

Back in 2001 no one could expect that life would become so cheap in Pakistan. Thanks to the US's war on terror, we are at a point where on the one hand we have liberal fascists and on the other hand misleading Islamists planted by agencies to defame religion for their personal ends. One wonders why? To terrorise Pakistanis? Are we not in a worse situation than the people of Iraq and Afghanistan? Is there any solution to the problem?
Naimat Khan, Karachi

One after another the voices struggling for restoration of democracy in Pakistan have been silenced. The death of Benazir Bhutto has deepened the wounds of hundreds and thousands of her followers who loved Benazir as their sister. A great political leader of South East Asia has been killed in broad daylight. The question arises: who will now lead the torch of democracy in hand?
Syed A. Mateen, Karachi

Her death is just another statistic. Whoever says that Pakistan is not a failed state is delusional. Just look at the state of affairs. What is scary is that it is a nuclear power. Pakistan is very rapidly slipping into anarchy. Sadly, Benazir will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. She never really did anything for the nation to remember her in a positive way.
Nasir Siddique, Karachi

Benazir Bhutto was a real leader. All Pakistan is in a valley of sorrow on her death. Nobody was expecting this kind of situation. But I think the Government is also responsible for her death because they did not provide sufficient security. Salute to Benazir on her courage for Pakistan.
Faisal Zaman, Karachi


I am a journalist, sitting here at my office. I have never felt this hollow. This is inhumane, killing a woman who was fighting for her country, fighting for a country which took away her father and her brother from her. Surely, she has entered a better abode. May God be with her. I pray for her, her family and Pakistan at this hour.
Masuma Tahir, Lahore

The news just shattered everywhere. My university was declared off by the management, everybody rushed back to their homes, the teachers advised us to stay aloof from crowds and use a secure route. I noticed people shutting down their shops and rushing back to their houses, the police are out on streets. Everybody is worried...what will happen next?
Rehman Anwar, Lahore,Pakistan

Please can we not re-write history. Benazir Bhutto was not a god send to Pakistan and was someone who in the two terms of power had done great damage to the country. May she rest in peace, but she wasn't a saviour for the country. Pakistan now needs a steadying hand, to root out its extremists for once and for all. If this means foreign troops on our soil, then so be it, but this cancer of terrorism must be cut out of Pakistan, so we can move forward.
Imran, Lahore

Im proud of my leader.... Benazir we are proud of you ...
Sharaz, Lahore

It's one of the saddest days in Pakistan's political history. The west, champions of democracy, always support military dictators in Pakistan. More than 90 per cent of Pakistanis are opposed to military rule, but the west holds the generals in high esteem. Double standard. This is the feeling all over here in Pakistan.
Ahmad Waleed , Lahore


I would rather call it a "double-terrorism", firstly Benazir Bhutto's assassination, secondly the things going on in the streets! I can see terrible protests in Larkana, on roads, setting the shops and banks on fire, breaking its doors and taking things away. All our property from lockers has been taken away by looters, but there is no police! No-one to control. I beg the government to help us and send some police and army troops. Why is it confined to big cities only? Save Benazir's city.
Zamzam Aman, Larkana


The peoples of Rawalpindi are showing their anger by burning the shops at Murree road Rawalpindi. And my cousin has told me in Lahore the lovers of Benazir are burning the cars and tyres on road.
Izhar Hassan, Rawalpindi

Asalam-o-Alikum, to all who will go on to read this. As every Pakistani like me is sad and can't express their feeling about Benazir's tragic death. Now every Pakistani like me demands that President Musharraf holds a (Jiant) inquiry and shows the nation who is behind that. Local as well as foreign investigators should be involved in it, and the one who is behind it, should not be left like in the past.
Muhammad Ayub Khan, Rawalpindi

Our Pakistan will never progress as a nation. Everyone who comes to power ends up corrupt. I think Nawaz Sharif is next. The Pakistani parliament is corrupt and therefore will never let the country progress as they all want to fill their own pockets.
Wajid Hussain, Rawalpindi

The whole city is closed at this time and supporters of PPP are crying and shouting on roads but they are right. I don't know why she attended a meeting when agencies already predicted of bomb blast.
Imran Khan, Rawalpindi


The killing of Ms Benazir Bhutto is surely shocking and a condemnable act. I am not an avid supporter of PPP, but this is totally deplorable. The government and its agents are responsible in this. We need security and peace in the country. Never before has the country suffered like this and never ever faced such turmoil. Go Musharaf! Maybe this will bring stability to the country.
Khurram Sajjad Khawaja, Islamabad

I think what happened today clearly shows that the government should be blamed and they are responsible. Because if the politicians are not saved, then how come the ordinary person will be saved.
Obaidshah, Islamabad

I am in Islamabad, every shop is closed and every office. People were eating at McDonalds when they were told to leave their food and get out in case of reaction to the assassiantion. People are mourning over the death even my family members. The city has got very dark and every commercial area is closed.
Osama Saeed, Islamabad

I am really very shocked about what is happening in Pakistan, the only nuclear Muslim state, in general and the notorious assassination of the former prime minister of Pakistan in particular. This is indeed a barbaric action which was neither permitted by Islam nor by the humanity. I would like to express my sorrow about the death of one of the greatest leaders in Pakistan. Benazir was a hero and she will remain hero in history.
Ahmed Mahamed, Pakistan /Islamabad


It is black again for Pakistani democracy. I believed she would have brought a lot things for Pakistan, education, employment and reduce poverty unlike other governments just saying but haven't done so far. It is such painful news for me that she has been murdered in the rally. I simply can't believe it.
saif memon, Hyderabad

I felt very sad about Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto. The people who did it should be punished.
Hasham Masood, Hyderabad(Pakistan)

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