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Dhaka police in 'huge' drugs haul
Police with the "Yaba" haul
"Yaba" is spreading across South and East Asia (Photo: Daily Star)
Police in Bangladesh say they have made one of the largest drugs-busting operations in the country in addition to arresting a leading drugs baron.

They say that a raid in a Dhaka office late on Thursday netted 130,000 yaba tablets and other drugs.

Originally manufactured by the Nazis to keep their troops awake for days, yaba has become increasingly popular across East and South Asia.

Also known as "crazy medicine", yaba is a derivative of synthetic amphetamines.

It can be quickly manufactured in the form of pills, and has an intense hallucinogenic effect on users which can keep them awake for days on end.

Members of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) say that a suspected leading drugs baron and his deputy have been arrested in the raid along with large amounts of drugs-making equipment.

RAB Director General Hasan Mahmood Khandkar said after the raid that he feared yaba is being increasingly used all over the country.

"Our drive against the drug will continue. We hope to stop its use completely," he said, urging a "united social movement" against it.

He said that while it remained difficult to manufacture yaba inside the country, quantities of the drug were being smuggled into Bangladesh from other countries.

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