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Last Updated: Saturday, 22 September 2007, 06:31 GMT 07:31 UK
UK troops uncover Taleban bunkers
By Jill McGivering
BBC News, Helmand Province

Taleban fighters
The bunkers indicate the Taleban fighters intended to stay
A British-led multi-national force in southern Afghanistan says it has found a network of well-established bunkers at a former Taleban stronghold.

After days of fierce fighting, the force is now trying to establish control of the ex-Taleban base.

It is finding strategically-placed bunker positions, solidly built with overhead protection and sandbag walls.

Most of the Taleban seem to have left the area but the bunkers indicate they were experienced fighters.

The positions, which also suggest the Taleban thought they were in the district to stay, are being documented and then destroyed.

The international troops are trying to persuade local villagers to go back to their homes.

Many fled into the surrounding desert when the assault began and despite assurances that the fighting is over, they are still too frightened to go back to their houses.

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