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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 September 2007, 09:31 GMT 10:31 UK
Nepal's prince has heart attack
By Surendra Phuyal
BBC News, Kathmandu

Crown Prince Paras
The prince is expected to be in hospital for some days
Nepal's Crown Prince Paras has been taken to hospital after suffering what doctors say is a mild heart attack.

He underwent an angioplasty operation in Kathmandu's Norvic hospital and is "much better", the hospital says.

Crown Prince Paras is a controversial and unpopular figure who has been at the centre of a number of scandals.

He is the only son of King Gyanendra. A constituent assembly due to be elected in November is to decide whether the monarchy should be abolished.

Intensive care

Doctors attending the crown prince say that the mild heart attack was "genetic in nature" and caused blood circulation problems in the lower portion of his heart.

Dr Bharat Rawat who led a team of 12 doctors said a "balloon angioplasty" was successfully conducted on Thursday afternoon.

"The Crown Prince will be kept at the intensive care unit for two days and will be shifted to general ward thereafter. Now his condition is much better," Dr Rawat said.

A team of cardiologists and physicians rushed to the prince's residence after he complained of chest pains.

Shortly afterwards, the 36-year-old prince was admitted to a military hospital, which later transferred him to the private Norvic hospital, where the angioplasty was performed.

Dr Rawat said the operation took 50 minutes.

Doctors say Nepal's royal family has a history of heart problems, also seen in late kings Mahendra and his father Tribhuvan.

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