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Bomber kills Afghan district head
A senior official in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar has been killed along with three of his children in a suicide bomb attack, police said.

The governor of Kandahar's Zerai District, Khairuddin Kaka, was killed by a man who was wearing a suicide explosives vest.

A daughter and two sons of Mr Khairuddin died along with the bomber.

Suicide attacks on Afghan officials and soldiers are a frequent occurrence in southern and eastern Afghanistan.

In a high profile case, Afghan President Hamid Karzai this year pardoned a 14-year-old boy caught wearing a suicide vest on his way to assassinate the governor of eastern Khost province.

'Enemies of peace'

Mr Khairuddin was with his family ahead of Friday prayers when the attacker jumped over him and detonated the explosives.

Mr Khairuddin's daughter was aged two and his sons six and 12.

Interior ministry spokesman Zamary Bashary told the BBC the attack was "the work of the enemies of peace".

Tora Bora mountains
Coalition operations continue in the Tora Bora region

Separately, Nato in Afghanistan said a clash with Taleban fighters had left five civilians dead although it did not specify where or when the clash took place.

Nato said its forces were hit by a roadside bomb before coming under mortar and small arms fire.

Nato described the incident as very unfortunate and that every effort was being made to provide medical attention for the other Afghan civilians who were hurt.

The statement comes as US and Afghan forces are undertaking an operation against al-Qaeda and the Taleban in the Tora Bora region close to Pakistan.

The US military said that "al-Qaeda and other violent extremist fighters" had been engaged in the fighting during a "combined arms assault using precision munitions".

Tora Bora was the scene of a failed major US operation to capture al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden in 2001.

The region consists of a complex of caves, and is known as the last stronghold of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

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