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Last Updated: Saturday, 4 August 2007, 14:52 GMT 15:52 UK
Pakistan attacks kill at least 23
Pakistani soldiers in Waziristan
Soldiers frequently clash with pro-Taleban militants in Waziristan
At least 23 people have been killed in attacks in Pakistan's troubled north-west, near the Afghan border.

In one incident a suicide car bomb killed at least nine people.

A few hours earlier clashes between soldiers and pro-Taleban militants in North Waziristan left at least 14 people dead, including four soldiers.

Pakistan has seen a sharp increase in violence since a battle with radical Islamists last month for control of the Red Mosque in the capital, Islamabad.

The suicide bomb in the town of Parachinar, in North West Frontier Province, went off at a bus station after the attacker rammed an explosive-laden car into another vehicle near a bus packed with passengers.

The blast damaged several vehicles and five shops.

"Human limbs and pieces of flesh were scattered around the site," witness Mohammad Sajjad told AFP news agency.

At least 20 people were injured in the attack.

Gun battle

Hours earlier pro-Taleban militants stormed a security checkpoint in Dosali, a remote area of the North Waziristan tribal region, triggering a shootout that killed four soldiers and 10 militants, officials said.

Clashes between radicals and the military at the Red Mosque
July clashes at the Red Mosque have triggered a radical backlash

"The miscreants fired 50 to 60 rockets at five posts before attacking one of the posts with automatic weapons", military spokesman Major General Waheed Arshad told AFP.

Pakistan has seen a sharp increase in attacks on the security services since government forces fought a bloody battle with radical Islamists last month for control of the Red Mosque, which left over 100 dead.

The North West Frontier province is a stronghold of pro-Taleban militants, who oppose the government of Gen Pervez Musharraf.

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