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Sheikh Hasina warrant suspended
Sheikh Hasina in a file photo from December 2005
Sheikh Hasina says she is determined to return
A court in Bangladesh has suspended a warrant for the arrest of former Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, one day after it had issued the order.

Police described the charges, which relate to the deaths of four protesters during a riot last October, as flawed.

The warrant describes Ms Hasina as a fugitive. But the military-backed interim government is preventing her from returning home from abroad.

Bangladesh is under a state of emergency imposed in January.


Police told the court that they needed more time to investigate the case against Sheikh Hasina.

Khaleda Zia in a file photo from January 2007
Khaleda Zia could leave for Saudi Arabia soon

A judge ordered the police "to submit a fresh charge after the reinvestigation," a court registrar said, Reuters news agency reports.

On Sunday Sheikh Hasina was prevented from boarding a flight home from London after the Dhaka government barred her return.

The military-backed interim government has asked all international airlines not to carry her.

She has vowed to return to Bangladesh to clear her name and participate in elections.

Speaking on leaving Heathrow airport in London, Sheikh Hasina said the Bangladeshi authorities had sent a letter to British Airways, telling them not to carry her or they would not be allowed to land in Dhaka.

"I am ready to go to jail if necessary but I want to go back to my country," she said, adding that she would now consider her next moves.

Sheikh Hasina left Bangladesh in late March, a few weeks after the interim government declared a state of emergency and postponed elections due in January.

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