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Last Updated: Saturday, 14 April 2007, 08:08 GMT 09:08 UK
French captives 'appear on video'
Map of Afghanistan
Video footage has surfaced of two French aid workers seized by the Afghan Taleban several weeks ago.

Canada's CBC network published still images from the video, which it said showed a female hostage pleading for her life in a whispered voice.

The two aid workers and three Afghan colleagues were seized in the Nimroz province nearly two weeks ago.

The French government has confirmed these are the missing people, the Canadian broadcaster said.

The images, which the channel calls "disturbing", show the woman saying she is a French aid worker who was kidnapped by the Taleban 10 days ago.

At one point, she pleads for her life. Another man, who identifies himself as Eric, appears on the video making a similar appeal.

The video also shows the three Afghan men blindfolded and shackled, according to news agency Associated Press.

The tape would be the first evidence that the two aid workers and the Afghan men they were with are still alive.

The two French nationals were working for an educational NGO.

The Taleban has confirmed it is holding the five, but has not said what would happen to them.

French President Jacques Chirac asked the Afghan government on Friday to help secure their release.

Last month, an Italian journalist was kidnapped in the southern province of Helmand but released after two weeks.

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