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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 March 2007, 15:55 GMT 16:55 UK
Army chief lambasts politicians
By John Sudworth
BBC News, Dhaka

Troops on patrol in Dhaka
The army has denies it plans to take over in Bangladesh
Bangladesh's army chief has launched a scathing attack against the country's politicians, saying they have offered nothing but corruption and division.

Dozens of political figures and their associates have been arrested under a state of emergency launched in January.

There is little doubt that corruption in the country has been widespread.

But there is concern about some of the methods being used to tackle it, not least the suspension of the right to bail for those arrested.


Speaking at a gathering of the veterans of Bangladesh's 1971 war of independence, the army chief, Lt Gen Moeen U Ahmed, made it clear what he thinks of Bangladesh's political class.

For 36 years politicians gave us nothing good, he said.

They divided the country by their feuding while indulging in corrupt practices, he went on, saying the time had now come to reunite the country and deliver the benefits of independence.

A state of emergency was declared in Bangladesh in January, widely believed to have had the backing of the military.

This speech certainly confirms the top brass's support for the new government and its anti-corruption drive.

The security forces have detained dozens of high profile politicians including former cabinet ministers and the son of the most recent prime minister.

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