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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 March 2007, 04:34 GMT
India roof collapse kills seven
Rescue workers at site of a previous Mumbai building collapse
Such disasters are common in India
Seven people have died and another six have been injured when a building collapsed in a suburb of the western Indian city of Mumbai.

The roof of the building in Goregaon collapsed while construction work was taking place, and buried many of those working at the site under the rubble.

All the victims were labourers, mostly from outside Mumbai.

There was no indication of the cause of the collapse, although such incidents are common in India.

Last month, 15 labourers died and another five were injured when the wall of a partially-built warehouse crumbled in a Mumbai suburb.

India is going through a real estate boom, but there are few safety precautions for workers at construction sites, and incidents such as Wednesday's building collapse are fairly common.

India roof collapse 'kills eight'
26 Jan 07 |  South Asia

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