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Eyewitness: India train attack
At least 68 people have been killed after a bomb attack aboard a train travelling from India to Pakistan.

The BBC Urdu service reporter in Karachi, Riaz Sohail, met a few of the survivors who returned to their homes in Pakistan.


Mrs Shah Mohammad with her son
Shah Mohammad and her family were lucky to survive
The explosion took place just over an hour and a half after the train had left Delhi. The passengers were resting. The train got ablaze immediately and everybody started screaming.

During this time the doors were closed and people were shouting for the train to stop.

The train stopped after 15 minutes when it reached the platform at Panipat.

I was travelling with my husband and our three children. We were sitting near the door way and me and my husband jumped out the moment the doors of the carriage opened.

My husband then went back in to get the kids. After helping two of them our, he passed out due to smoke inhalation. My son was still inside.

At that point I went into the carriage myself. I couldn't see anything, so I shouted his name until I heard his voice. That's how I managed to get him out.

I saw three Sikhs trying to help passengers, but they got caught in the blaze and died.

I am still in shock and unable to believe what happened. It all seems like a nightmare.


People at the train station
Relatives welcomed survivors at the train station

It's like I have been granted a new life, that's how I feel, I am back in my homeland, what could be better than that.

I was in the carriage in front of the two that caught fire. The train took a while to stop.

The doors of one carriage did not open and everybody inside was killed.

The flames were huge and everybody was in shock.


Rukhsana Khatoon
I travel every year to meet my Indian husband. He was refused a visa to come to Pakistan and I have to visit him in India with our children.

I was lucky not to be in the affected carriage. When the fire started I thought it was the last journey I would ever make.

The explosion took place soon after the train left Delhi. At that point, someone pulled the emergency cord and the train stopped a while later.

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