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Last Updated: Friday, 19 January 2007, 17:59 GMT
Pakistan says planes used in raid
Pakistani troops in South Waziristan
Pakistan says it has destroyed militant bases in South Waziristan

The Pakistan military has admitted for the first time using aircraft in raids along the Afghan border.

Officials confirmed that jets were used in an attack on an alleged al-Qaeda base in South Waziristan on Tuesday.

The announcement came after visiting journalists saw an unexploded missile at the site of the attack, which the military said killed 20 militants.

The attack threatens a peace deal between the military and pro-Taleban militants in the area.


Reporters invited by the militants to the scene of the attack saw a 500lb unexploded device when they reached the area.

Later, military spokesman Maj Gen Shaukat Sultan confirmed that fighter planes had been used to fire laser-guided missiles and bombs at the suspected hideout.

An earlier military statement only mentioned using helicopters.

Local people also told the journalists that eight people had been killed in the early morning raid and none of them were foreign nationals.

Tribal leaders have called for revenge and want the peace deal signed last year reconsidered.

Waziristan saw a decline in conflict between pro-Taleban and government forces after the peace deal.

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