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Your stories: Karachi in chaos
People in Pakistan's biggest city of Karachi have been struggling to cope with the effects of heavy rain that has left more than 200 people dead.

Much of the city is still without power and water.

Karachi residents have been writing to the BBC News website to say the city is still in chaos.


I have been living in Karachi all my life and have seen the city being wrecked by many rains but never before have I experienced such a furious display of nature causing unprecedented damage, chaos, disruption and loss of human life.
Billboard collapsed on a Karachi street
Many deaths were caused by falling billboards and collapsing buildings

It is indeed sad and frustrating to see that more than 200 people lost their lives only because of the lacklustre civil planning by the city government.

Most of the city is without power, which is giving vent to frustration and anger and that is leading to rioting and chaos.

Yesterday, just near my house, people burned down a public bus.


We have been without power for most of the day as the local electricity distribution system has gone haywire after powerful winds have snapped wires and ripped poles.

Our office windows on the 10th floor broke with a loud bang and a boundary wall on an empty plot fell on top of cars parked alongside it.

This has been the first time I am seeing such super winds blowing across Karachi.

I fear that the coconut tree in my garden may be uprooted because of the intense winds.


Where we live, Defence, we were fortunate to have power until last night.

At about 11pm the power cut out and never came back.

Drenched woman in Islamabad
Many areas in South Asia have been affected by the heavy rains
After a few hours the UPS [uninterruptible power supply] died and left us without any fans or lights.

I moved to the floor and opened all the windows in my room, grasping for pockets of cold air to help cope with the 100% humidity and stifling temperatures.

I left for my office this morning, still no power at the house, only to find that power at the office was also gone.

No drainage system means the roads flood at the slightest provocation of rain.

Karachi has never seen storms like this, my family tells me.

Rains yes, but not the winds, not the falling billboards or felled trees. A cursed land indeed.


I am on a seismic survey vessel working 250km south of Karachi.

We recovered our scientific equipment just in time for the storm yesterday and headed for shelter in Karachi.

One hour ago the winds were gusting 80 knots with seas of 8-12 metres.

It was too dangerous to enter port. It is like being on a roller coaster, the worst weather I have experienced in 10 years.


The electricity went four days ago. Water ran out two days ago.

We are a hundred boys living in the IBA Boys Hostel, which belongs to Pakistan's premier business school.

We have been sleeping on the roof, and buying water and ice from the market to get by.

As yet no official has contacted the hostel and reassured us that something is being done about the electricity.


I have just moved here from London after four years.

The city is in chaos: no electricity, no water, nothing.

Car crushed by a tree
Damage to property has been severe
Most of the parts don't have any power supply and hence no water for three days. The remaining parts are having either low voltage or very high voltage.

I urge the officials and high ranking people to do something about the billboards and falling trees as soon as possible before they cause more deaths.


On Saturday the weather was unbearable.

It seemed as if Mother Nature was slapping our faces with hot winds blowing past us with great speeds.

The outbreak of fire in one of the shopping malls aggravated the condition.

We thanked God for breaking the spell of the heat wave and blessing us with rain, but it turned out to be devastating.

People died of electrocution, billboards were falling off their stands and stagnant water was everywhere.


Heavy rain and high winds have blowing since Monday evening. It's 6:30am right now and they are still in full force!

Our local TV channels have reported that the heavy rains and winds will continue for the next 72 hours!

My house didn't have electricity for 25 hours after Saturday's storm and ever since the power was restored it keeps bouncing back and forth.

The lane in front of my house got blocked for several hours as trees fell on both ends of it bringing the power lines down.

But the authorities already under huge pressure are doing a good job - given the circumstances and limited resources.

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