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Last Updated: Saturday, 6 January 2007, 15:03 GMT
Many dead in Bangladesh bus crash
Charred remains of a passenger bus in Comilla, Bangladesh
Between 50 and 70 people were on board, local television reported
At least 40 people have died after a bus packed with passengers crashed in the town of Comilla in Bangladesh.

The bus veered off the road and caught fire after it tried to overtake another vehicle, about 100km (62 miles) outside the capital, Dhaka.

The vehicle's fuel cylinder containing compressed natural gas exploded after the crash, engulfing it in flames.

Police say the intensity of the fire has made it difficult to identify remains but there were seven survivors.

The BBC's John Sudworth in Dhaka says the bus was travelling from Dhaka to the port city of Chittagong, ahead of a transport blockade in the capital due to start on Sunday.

Police have so far recovered 41 sets of remains from the charred wreckage.

"They're burnt into ashes, so it is difficult to determine how many dead bodies were in the bus," Comilla's Deputy Commissioner, Mohibul Hussein, told the BBC.

Local television reported that 50 to 70 people were on the bus when the accident occurred.

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