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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 December 2006, 14:06 GMT
Afghan and Pakistan press trade accusations
Afghan President Hamid Karzai
Karzai believes Pakistan working against Afghanistan

Newspapers in Pakistan and Afghanistan reflect the tensions between their two countries after Afghan President Hamid Karzai's remarks on Wednesday that Islamabad supported the ongoing violence in Afghanistan.

Pakistani papers dismissed the allegations and accused the government in Kabul of weakness in being unable to stem the violence.

But Afghan commentators said much of the unrest originated in Pakistan, with one accusing Islamabad of hostility towards Kabul.


Instead of levelling allegations against Pakistan, the Afghan president should stop the US and its coalition partners from killing Afghan civilians. He should urge his boss - President Bush - to stop his forces from bombing Afghan cities and killing innocent people.


There is a need to solve the internal problems of Afghanistan. The baseless allegations of Hamid Karzai and US spokesmen against Pakistan are not helpful in resolving the issue. Rather, such statements could create unrest among Pakistanis, who are opposed to US activities in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Karzai alleged that the Taleban and terrorists entering Afghanistan from Pakistan were busy killing Afghans. We say that in the speech where Karzai once again levelled accusations against Pakistan, he also confessed openly that his government has failed to stop the atrocities of Nato forces. This confession is a proof that there is an absence of strong government in Afghanistan.


Pakistan's direct and indirect interference has created the military crisis. That country has adopted a hostile policy towards Afghanistan. Afghanistan has a clear message of peace, friendship, good relations and trade for neighbouring countries. Afghanistan deserves security, stability, reconstruction and sound administration more than anytime before. If the Pakistani authorities do not revise their policies towards Afghanistan, they could be condemned by the world community.


The fact that India has provided our troops with a large number of bullet-proof vests is a subtle gesture. Each vest protects the life of a soldier against bullets fired from the Pakistani side by the Taleban. Islamabad is becoming increasingly suspicious of close relations between Kabul and New Delhi and sees in each Indian gesture the germ of an anti-Pakistan motive.


Serious action should be taken against the terrorist resources on the other side of the border.

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