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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 November 2006, 16:52 GMT
India's Bangalore in name change
Bangalore is home to more than 1,500 IT companies
India's high-tech capital, the southern city of Bangalore, has decided to change its name to Bengaluru.

The change comes after pressure from local politicians and historians who say the old pronunciation is an anglicism and should be dropped.

But a BBC correspondent says many in the city's business community are dismayed, saying the move is a setback to its growing global reputation.

Bengaluru is the city's name in the local Kannada language.

Once a sleepy colonial city, Bangalore - literally the City of Boiled Beans - is now home to more than 1,500 IT companies and is known around the world as India's Silicon Valley.

So many US companies have moved their operations there that a new expression has been born.

A growing number of Indian cities are switching names

Any American whose job is outsourced to the city is described as having been "Bangalored".

Bangalore is among a growing number of Indian cities which have switched names, including the financial capital, Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay.

The BBC's Sanjoy Majumder in Delhi says that for many it is an assertion of regional pride and preserving local culture in the face of growing Western influence, but for others it is a waste of time and resources.

Businesses and government will have to spend vast amounts of money on making the change, he says, money which many say could have been used instead on improving the city's infrastructure, which is struggling to cope with its new-found success.

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