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Massive arms cache found in India
Arms haul in Calcutta, India
Authorities say it is one of the largest arms recoveries in India
The Indian army says it has recovered a massive cache of arms and ammunition in the eastern city of Calcutta.

The hoard included anti-personnel mines and ammunition manufactured by a government arms factory in the city.

Three people, including a soldier, have been arrested in connection with the seizure of arms.

An army spokesman said the cache of arms was meant for Maoist rebels and other terrorist groups active in and around eastern West Bengal state.

Army spokesman Wing Commander RK Das said as many as 543 land mines and more than 900 rounds of ammunition had been recovered in a joint operation by India's military and civilian intelligence agencies from a house in Calcutta.

All the mines and ammunition were made at the state-owned Ordinance Factory in Ichapur in the city.

The mines, according to intelligence officials, were new generation ones which were only introduced into the army two years ago.

The three people arrested included a soldier and two of his relatives, Mr Das said.

He said the arms were meant for supply to Maoist and other terrorist groups active in the region, and that this was one of the largest recoveries of arms in recent times.

Last year, police in southern Andhra Pradesh seized a huge cache of arms, including 800 rocket shells, which they said were meant for Maoist rebels in the area.

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18 Jul 06 |  South Asia

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