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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 September 2006, 10:57 GMT 11:57 UK
Press urges Afghan security rethink
US soldiers fire at suspected militants
Clashes between Nato and the Taleban have increased

Afghan and Pakistani newspapers air concerns about military policy in Afghanistan as the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged more Nato countries to support operations there.

One Kabul paper describes Nato and the US forces as being "in a state of panic" as the Taleban increases its attacks, and urges a transfer of responsibility for security to Afghans themselves.

A Pakistani daily sees no end to the bloodshed unless coalition forces leave, but an independent Afghan paper suggests that removing "drugs smuggling" officials and "administrative corruption" might also boost the government.


Opponents of the government have killed dozens of Nato soldiers over the past two months. We can say that the US has failed to ensure security in Afghanistan over the past five years. They cannot ensure even their own personal safety. Now they are in such a state of panic that they sometimes attack their own soldiers... In our opinion, the US and international community should transfer authority to Afghans because they are very willing to contribute to ensuring peace in their country.


The Taleban have started a new war in Afghanistan with suicide bombings... We say one reason for the intensity of the Taleban's activity is that it has become almost impossible for them to hide in Pakistan... Crossing the border to actively take part in events is completely natural. We think the war in Afghanistan cannot end unless coalition forces depart, al-Qaeda and the Taleban are completely eradicated, or a live-and-let-live policy is adopted.


In the fresh operation 420 Taleban have been killed so far. But the Taleban has also stepped up its activity and several coalition troopers - as well as the governor of Paktia province - have been killed. We say in this situation the US and the coalition forces should recognise the fact that the military operation in Afghanistan solves no problems.


Nato's Operation Medusa against the Taleban is in full swing. At the same time, we are also witnessing intense Taleban suicide attack activity. We say this is a really worrying situation. If the Taleban's suicide activities were to increase, the coalition forces would suffer severe losses. Hence the risk of more bloodshed in Afghanistan cannot be ruled out. We say the US policy of use of force in Afghanistan seems to have failed.


The enemies of peace and stability have recently stepped up suicide attacks... The broad-minded governor of Paktia Hakim Taniwal, a strong supporter of the state-building process, was also killed and the news of his death came as a shock... Given the use of suicide attacks, Afghan and foreign military experts and security officials should review the security measures.


Once again Afghanistan has turned into a arena of rivalry between different sides of the world... Officials should remove from their posts those involved in drugs smuggling, administrative corruption, insecurity and minor crimes. This will help boost trust in the government and establish a sound administration.

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