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Eyewitness: 'I had a narrow escape'
Commuters have returned to work on Mumbai's public transport network following Tuesday's train bombings, which killed 183 people.

L V Subramaniam was in the train adjacent to the bombed train at Jogeshwari station. He took the bus to work after his narrow escape.

Commuters travel to work the after Mumbai train blasts
Many residents of Mumbai returned to work on the trains
It must have been about 1824 or 1825. We had just left Jogeshwari station.

I was in the first class compartment of the fast train heading towards Borivali and we were passing another train on the adjacent tracks.

Suddenly we heard a big bang, the train was wobbling on the tracks and thick fumes, dust and mud spread inside our compartment.

It was a very scary experience.

People were not sure whether it happened inside our train or on the adjacent train. They started panicking and trying to pull the chain to stop the train. Others were getting ready to jump from the moving carriage.

Eventually sense prevailed. We told the people to say their prayers and keep quiet. We were only two minutes from the next station where we would be in a better position to get help.

When we reached the station, people seemed dazed and did not really know what had happened.

'It was a bomb'

But I knew it was a bomb immediately. It was an unmistakeable feeling because the whole train wobbled on the tracks. This was no firecracker. I think everybody else knew as well. I could see the looks on everybody's faces.

When I reached the station, I decided to make the rest of the journey by road. As I headed towards Borivali, I saw ambulances racing to the station.

That was when I realised that this was an attack on the whole city.

This was an attack on the whole city
I phoned friends and family to tell them what had happened and tell them that I was safe, but I know I had a narrow escape. Many people were hurt and I was only in the adjacent train, but it felt like a brush with death. I was lucky, a friend of mine was in that very train and badly injured.

Today, I came by road. The trains were running on time. This is the beauty of my city, Mumbai. It bounces back on its tracks immediately.

But I could sense anger as I came into work. An incident of this magnitude should have been scented out by intelligence earlier.

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