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Pakistan literary giant is dead
Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi
Mr Qasimi worked for some of the best known Urdu journals
One of major literary figures in the Urdu language, Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi, has died in Lahore at the age of 89.

In a career spanning almost 70 years, Mr Qasimi published some 50 books and distinguished himself as a poet, writer, critic and journalist.

He was a leading member of the Progressive Writers Association (PWA), and between the 1950s and 1970s was arrested frequently and twice jailed.

In the last 40 years he edited several literary journals and magazines.

Mr Qasimi was also credited with introducing several new trends in Urdu literature.

The BBC's Shahid Malik in Lahore says that it was the publication of his first collection of Urdu short stories, "Chaupaal" in 1939, followed by an anthology of poems, "Dharkanen", that established him as a formidable writer.

Our correspondent says that in later life, Mr Qasimi was the secretary-general of the PWA's Pakistan Chapter, which often brought him into conflict with the authorities and his imprisonment on two occasions.

The authorities at the time regarded the PWA as an offshoot of the outlawed Communist Party.

Mr Qasimi had three spells as editor of some of the best known Urdu journals that published creative writing.

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