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Pipelines damaged in India blasts
A victim of Friday's attack in Guwahati
A victim of Friday's attack in Guwahati (Photo: S Bhattacharjee)
Suspected rebels have blown up oil and gas pipelines and rail tracks in northeast India, police say.

The blasts on Friday and Saturday follow a series of explosions in Assam state that have killed seven people and wounded nearly 50 others.

Three pipelines carrying crude oil and gas in the Tinsukia, Namrup and Duliajan areas were damaged.

Police suspect rebels of the United Liberation Front of Assam (Ulfa) are behind the attacks.

But Ulfa military wing chief Paresh Barua blamed the attacks on police and intelligence services, saying they wanted to derail the peace process in the state.

They have been fighting for independence since 1979 in a struggle which has claimed 10,000 lives.

Peace talks

The latest explosion damaged an oil pipeline at Lakhipathar in the state's northern district of Tinsukia , forcing a shutdown in supply of crude oil to a refinery.

Similar blasts on Friday night hit an oil pipeline in Namrup and a gas pipeline near Duliajan, both in northern Assam, forcing shutdowns.

In further violence on Saturday, railway tracks were damaged in an explosion in the oil town of Naharkatiya, affecting services in the state.

Suspected rebels also attacked a patrol of the Central Reserve Police at Ranghar Chariali in Tinsukia , seriously wounding three policemen.

Another explosion was reported in front of the district administration office at Tinsukia.

On Friday, a bomb at a busy market in the state capital, Guwahati killed six people and injured 13.

Ulfa is holding peace negotiations with the Indian government through a committee of civil society leaders called the People's Consultative Group (PCG).

The PCG has twice met Indian government officials but Ulfa has yet to announce a formal ceasefire, although it says it wants an end to military operations in Assam.

The federal government informed the group on Friday that the next round of talks would be held in the Indian capital Delhi on 22 June.

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