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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 June 2006, 17:40 GMT 18:40 UK
Excerpts: Taleban commander interview
Below are excerpts of a BBC interview with Mawlawi Amira Hamza al-Ghazi, a Taleban commander in the Helmand province.

It is our Islamic duty [to fight British troops in Helmand]. All Muslims, local and international, are supporting us. We have advanced equipment to use against them.

Throughout our history, we have defeated them many times, but they do not understand. That is why we have to give them a teeth-breaking defeat again...

Muslims do not have such advanced equipment as [the British] have but still thanks to God that we are Muslims doing Jihad and it is our belief that Muslims will win...

It is in our Holy Book, the Koran. God says, we should fight against non-Muslims because they are enemies of Islam.

And it also says that people who help non-Muslims - irrespective of who they are - must be treated like non-Muslims...

It was [US President George W] Bush and [UK Prime Minister] Tony Blair's propaganda that we are terrorists, but now Muslims of the whole world understand that they only want to destroy Islam and they are against Muslims.

Now Muslims the world over have woken up and will start fighting against them...

There are some schools [in Helmand] where they teach Christianity, which is against Islamic education. That is why we burn them.

As far as other schools are concerned, there are some people who wish to defame the Taleban and make us look bad, that is why they burn schools...

We understand what the enemies' tactics are. We always hurt them. And with the help of God, they can't defeat us.

Sometimes when they are hurt badly by us, then they attack mosques, bomb them, kill innocent people and then they claim that they have killed Taleban, which is not actually true...

Thanks to God, we are going towards our success.

It is the order of our commander, Mullah Omar, that we must fight against these people because they are against Islam. He is alive and we all are under his command...

There are several hundred thousand people helping us, because it is the duty of the whole Muslim society.

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