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Last Updated: Sunday, 4 June 2006, 10:15 GMT 11:15 UK
Pakistan bans Da Vinci Code film
Christian demonstration in Karachi
Pakistani Christians have held demonstrations against the film
Pakistan has banned The Da Vinci Code, which has been the subject of protests from members of Pakistan's small Christian community.

Culture Minister Ghulam Jamal said the film was blasphemous.

The screen adaptation of Dan Brown's book revolves around the theory that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and their descendants survive today.

A number of states in India have banned the film, although the federal censors have cleared it for release.


Mr Jamal said: "Islam teaches us to respect all the prophets of Allah Almighty and degradation of any prophet is tantamount to defamation of the rest," the official Associated Press of Pakistan news agency reported.

The government had indicated last week that it wanted to ban both the film and the book. The book has been available in Pakistan for some time.

Christian protestors have been supported by the country's six-party Islamic alliance, the MMA.

On Saturday, Andhra Pradesh became the seventh state in India to ban the film.


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