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Last Updated: Saturday, 22 April 2006, 13:19 GMT 14:19 UK
Tamil Tigers refuse peace efforts
By Dumeetha Luthra
BBC News, Trincomalee

Gutted building in Trincomalee
There have been reprisals against Tamils after recent bombings
Renewed international attempts to persuade Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels to attend peace talks in Geneva in Switzerland have failed.

The rebel leadership refused to even meet the head of the Scandinavian-led truce monitors.

The talks are now in deadlock and violence is escalating in the north and east of the island.

The Tamil Tiger rebels have now set out a position that seems impossible for negotiators to resolve.

Options rejected

Their eastern commanders must travel to the north only by Tiger boats or Sri Lankan helicopter.

Both options have been rejected by the government.

They say the boats infringe their sovereignty and the rebels should not get free rides in military helicopters.

The Tigers say they are not going to Geneva without meeting their regional leaders.

It is an impasse the Norwegians tried to break and the now the truce monitors - neither have succeeded.

As for the violence, each day there is another attack against the security forces. Despite their denials, almost everybody accuses the Tigers.

Tamils are attacked in retaliation, their homes and shops burnt. Scores have disappeared.

It is not clear where Sri Lanka goes from here.

The international community will continue working towards talks and on the ground the fear is the ceasefire will continue to crumble until it will not be worth the paper which still proclaims its validity.

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