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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 April 2006, 10:25 GMT 11:25 UK
Civilians injured 'by US forces'
A US soldier patrols in Khost, Afghanistan
The government has warned US-led forces not to injure civilians
Six people, including a mother and her newborn baby, have been injured in two incidents in eastern Afghanistan, reportedly by American forces.

Both the incidents took place in Khost province. A six-year-old boy was also injured in one of the incidents.

The reports come as President Hamid Karzai has ordered a probe into the killing of seven civilians by coalition forces over the weekend.

The US military has also launched an investigation into the deaths.

'Shot at'

The mother was travelling home from a clinic with her newborn baby after midnight in the Yaqubi district of Khost in the east of Afghanistan when they were fired upon by US forces, a family member told the BBC.


The mother, the baby and two other women in the car were injured. One of the women had gunshot wounds in her mouth, doctors said.

Wakil Ahmed, a family member, told the BBC: "We were on our way back home from the clinic. The American patrol was driving and as they stopped, we stopped. They started driving, we did the same.

"As we got close to our house they stopped, and we started driving towards our house. They opened fire on us. Minutes later a translator came to us and asked who we were."

Then in Khost city a few hours later, another car was shot at by a US patrol - a young man and a six-year-old boy were wounded.

The provincial police chief said he was investigating both reports.

On Monday President Karzai's spokesman said he was "very unhappy" about the deaths of seven civilians over the weekend and warned all those involved in military operations to take more care not to injure civilians.

The civilians were reportedly killed in "friendly fire" incidents during fighting against militants.

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