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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 April 2006, 12:44 GMT 13:44 UK
Eyewitness: 'Body parts everywhere'
There have been reports of other blasts across Trincomalee
Several people have been killed by a bomb blast in a vegetable market in Sri Lanka's north-eastern town of Trincomalee.

Fish wholesaler, Lahiru Hettige, was at the fish market when the bomb exploded nearby.

I was inside my shop when I heard an enormous noise from the market.

I knew it was a bomb. There was nothing else it could be. We are used to this sort of thing in Trincomalee, we are used to violence and blasts.

We immediately ran outside and there were scenes of chaos in the vegetable market - that was where the bomb had gone off.

I could see about 20 bodies around the place. There were body parts everywhere. I could see that the one army personnel had died.

People were running all over the place: I could see that the dead and injured included young children and women.

It was such a shocking sight.

It happened in the middle of the market and there was a lot of traffic, trishaws, vans, bicycles. Somebody said the bomb was a packaged as a parcel on a bicycle.

'Blood everywhere'

You can't look at scenes like that. There was blood everywhere, there was a terrible burning smell - I couldn't bear it.

Those who came with the people who had been killed just screamed and screamed. I didn't touch the bodies. I called for people to come and help take them to hospital.

They were loaded into cars and trishaws and taken away.

The police, navy and army all turned up and they are still there dealing with the carnage.

This is the last day of the old year. Tomorrow it is Sinhala and Tamil new year now. The market was so crowded. Everybody was shopping for the food to celebrate, buying rice, fish and vegetables.

No celebration

People are saying this is the work of the LTTE - it must be them. Is this any way to start a new year?

All the businesses have shut. Everything is silent. Nothing is going on. People have gone home. We can't even think of having a New Year.

We cannot celebrate. It is all tragedy now. When I look at the site, there is just broken glass.


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