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Last Updated: Saturday, 8 April 2006, 09:01 GMT 10:01 UK
Suicide bomber hits Afghan base
Isaf peacekeeping force helicopter in Afghanistan (archive)
There are about 9,000 Isaf troops from 36 states
A suicide car bomber has attacked an Italian peacekeeper base in the Afghan city of Herat, killing a local guard and two civilians along with himself.

Seven people, one of them an Italian civilian, were also injured when the bomb exploded outside the compound but no peacekeepers were hurt.

Herat has been relatively peaceful but there were a spate of bombings there over the past few days.

In December, a suicide bomber injured four Italian troops in the city.

The Herat police chief told the BBC that Taleban and al-Qaeda insurgents were thought to be responsible for Saturday's attack on the International Assistance Security Force (Isaf) base.

'Taleban claim'

The attacker drove up to the gates before setting off his bomb at 0830 (0400 GMT).


"The blast took place outside one of the entrances to the base, at a distance of about 10m [yards]," said local Isaf spokesman Lt Col Riccardo Cristoni.

Another Italian officer, Capt Livio Cavallaro, said he had seen the remains of the attacker on the street.
One of those injured received serious wounds. The Italian civilian was slightly hurt, an Isaf spokesman told the BBC.

A man claiming to be a Taleban spokesman has told AFP news agency that the bomber was a local man.

"It was a suicide attack carried out by a citizen from Herat named Abdul Rahim," Yousuf Ahmadi told the agency by telephone.

"The attack was aimed at foreign troops."

On Friday, a suicide car bomber attacked a US military base in the capital of the Afghan province of Helmand, Lashkar Gah.

That attack was aimed at Dyncorp, a US company training the Afghan police force in poppy eradication work.

Three US nationals suffered minor injuries.

The aftermath of the car bomb attack in Herat

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