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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 April 2006, 11:20 GMT 12:20 UK
Sri Lanka to turn back the clocks
Clocks in the BBC Sinhala offices

Sri Lanka has decided to turn its clocks back by a half-hour from 14 April, which will place its time zone five-and-a-half hours ahead of GMT.

The decision was announced by the office of President Mahinda Rajapakse who is in favour of the move.

It is Sri Lanka's third official time change in 10 years and will take the country back to where it stood in 1996.

Back then the clocks were advanced after an electricity crisis - the new time helped save power.

But President Rajapakse's government says the change did not result in any major saving.

Sri Lanka will now be on the same zone as its neighbour, India.

The Tamil Tiger rebels, who control areas in the north and the east, ignored the 1996 change, leading to two de facto time zones within the country.

The change however has the support of most of the country's Buddhist clergy who say it places the country in the "correct spiritual plane".


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