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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 April 2006, 15:17 GMT 16:17 UK
Pakistan's NWFP bans kite-flying
By Haroon Rashid
BBC News, Peshawar

Pakistanis on rooftops watch kites flying over Lahore
There is already a nationwide ban on kite flying
The provincial legislature in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province has unanimously banned kite-flying for being a threat to public safety.

Anyone found violating the ban faces three months in jail or a fine of 40,000 rupees (385).

The bill was passed without debate in the assembly. Many clerics consider that kite-flying is un-Islamic and a waste of money.

Last month the Supreme Court re-imposed a nationwide ban on kite-flying.

The bill in the NWFP assembly was introduced by the provincial government, which is run by an alliance of conservative religious parties.

The ban may be relaxed at specified places for two weeks in the spring season, with the prior approval of the district administrator.

Last month Punjab province banned kite flying following a number of deaths, mostly in the provincial capital Lahore.

Kite flying is often dangerous as enthusiasts use metal and glass coated strings and compete by trying to cut the strings of other kites.

Unlike the Punjab, kite flying is not that popular in NWFP.

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