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Last Updated: Sunday, 2 April 2006, 11:29 GMT 12:29 UK
Two killed in Balochistan blast
Two people have been killed and 10 others injured in an explosion at a government dairy farm in Pakistan's Balochistan province, officials say.

Suspected tribal militants planted a bomb in the diary in Kohlu district, some 400km (250 miles) east of the regional capital, Quetta.

The bomb exploded in a rest area for workers, an official said.

Gas-rich Balochistan has seen months of violence as tribal groups push for greater political and economic rights.

"The explosive device was planted somewhere inside the farm and it went off around 0930 local time (0430 hours GMT), district official Naseem Lehri told Reuters news agency.

The rebels have blown up gas pipelines, railway lines and electricity lines in the past. They have also attacked army bases and government buildings.

Large parts of Balochistan remained without electricity on Sunday after the militants blew up four electricity pylons on Friday, reports said.

Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has accused tribal leaders of putting up armed resistance to his plans to build a sea port and road network to turn Balochistan into a major trading zone.

But the Baloch tribal leaders say their struggle is for greater provincial autonomy and an increased share of mineral resources from the gas and oil rich province.


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