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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 March 2006, 09:59 GMT
Balochistan politician shot dead
A pro-government politician in Pakistan's troubled Balochistan province has been shot dead by unidentified assailants, officials say.

Nasrullah Kakar, leader of the Pakistan Workers Party, was shot dead in Bostan, nearly 30km (18 miles) north of the provincial capital, Quetta.

The motive for killing Mr Kakar, is not yet clear, officials say.

Mr Kakar's party workers pelted shops with stones and blocked roads in Bostan area to protest at his death.

Raziq Bugti, a spokesman for the Balochistan provincial government, told the BBC that Mr Kakar was opposed to the 'nationalist' forces in the province and supported President Pervez Musharraf's developmental projects in the region.

Gas-rich Balochistan province has seen increased violence in recent months. The Baloch nationalist parties are opposed to Gen Musharraf's projects in the region.

Tribal separatists have been pushing for greater political and economic rights in the region and have attacked gas plants, electricity lines and railway tracks.

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