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Last Updated: Friday, 5 August 2005, 14:52 GMT 15:52 UK
Al-Qaeda's 'Chinook video' aired
Apparently a dead US soldier
The video shows the ID card of a US soldier killed in the fighting
An Arabic TV station has aired video footage shot by al-Qaeda fighters which they say shows the gunning down of a US Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan.

The fighting led to the heaviest losses in the history of America's special operations Navy Seals.

The tape shows the identity card of a Navy Seal who died in the fighting as well as documents the fighters say they captured from an American computer.

The fighting took place in Kunar province in late June and July.

'Hostile fire'

The tape, entitled "the war of the oppressed", was broadcast on the Al-Arabiya station. It shows three unidentified masked men speaking in the tape in English, French and Urdu.


The identity card of a US special forces operative, Danny Dietz, who was found dead in early July as part of a rescue operation in Kunar, is shown on the tape.

In the video, the militants claim to have captured a computer containing details of US military plans.

video showing US plan
The militants say they captured computerised military documents

The US military said it had not yet seen a copy of the tape and would not comment at this point on whether it was authentic.

But in late June the US military had accepted that "hostile fire" might have been involved in bringing down the Chinook helicopter.

The Pentagon confirmed 16 personnel died in the Chinook crash.

The servicemen were on their way to join operations against militants.

US forces have been engaged in a number of combat missions in south-east Afghanistan against Taleban and al-Qaeda militants and their allies opposed to the Kabul government.

The Chinook was the first US helicopter to be downed in such a way in Afghanistan since March 2002.

At the time two separate Taleban spokesmen said there was a video of the crash.

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