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Last Updated: Saturday, 4 February 2006, 06:30 GMT
One dead in Pakistan train crash
Map of Pakistan
One woman has been killed and at least 20 people have been injured after a passenger train derailed in eastern Pakistan on Saturday, officials said.

Sabotage is "likely" to have caused the crash, government officials have told the Associated Press.

Hundreds were on board the train when eleven cars derailed near the town of Samarsatta in the province of Punjab.

It is the second crash in a week, after six were killed and 40 injured last Sunday in a derailment, also in Punjab.

Saturday's train had been travelling from Karachi to Lahore.

Part of the track had been "intentionally been damaged by saboteurs", Federal Railway Minister, Ishaq Khakwani, told AP.

Other officials said tools used for damaging the track were left at the scene, the news agency reported.

Pakistani authorities also suspect last Sunday's crash to be the result of sabotage.

The train, which was travelling to Lahore from Rawalpindi, plunged down an embankment near the city of Jhelum.

Mr Khakwani said preliminary investigations suggested a "well-planned act of sabotage" caused the train to derail, but did not say who might be behind the attack.

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