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'Our car jumped and flipped on its side'

Scene of the crash
Hundreds of people were injured in the accident
Survivors of the deadly collision involving three trains in southern Pakistan say they were thrown from their seats after a big explosion.

The early morning crash happened in a devastating chain of events while many of the passengers on the crowded trains were sleeping.

"We woke up to a huge bang," Suraya, 22, told the Associated Press.

"I fell down to the floor. Then I heard the screams."

It had all happened in a second and now the injured were everywhere
Naveed Zubairi
Khuda Bakhsh Larak, 50, was on the Quetta Express and suffered head injuries and a broken leg.

"Our train was standing still when it was hit from the rear," he said. "Our car jumped and flipped on its side."

Another injured passenger, Mohammad Amin, told Reuters: "I woke up at the noise of a huge bang and then there was [a] big jerk and smoke all over the place.

"There was total darkness... I hit the floor and fainted."

Pleas for help

Naveed Zubairi, a cameraman for the Associated Press, was travelling on the Karachi Express with his family and suffered minor injuries. He described the confusion following the accident.

"My children were crying in the darkness. Then I made some light with my mobile phone to look around. It had all happened in a second and now the injured were everywhere," he said.

"I climbed out of the carriage. Four carriages of another train on an adjacent track had fallen on one side and people in them were shouting for help. They were breaking windows to get out.

"Voices screamed: 'Help the children, help the women."

Eyewitnesses reported scenes of death and devastation.

"It's a painful scene. There are bodies scattered all over. People are crying, fathers are looking for children, husbands for their wives and brothers for their sisters," an unnamed witness told AFP news agency.

Rescuers were cutting through twisted metal and the debris to get to the injured passengers.

"They are being pulled out every minute," said Tahir, a local police chief.

Relatives of railway workers and passengers have been gathering at train stations around the country trying to find news of their loved ones.

"Nobody's telling me where he is," said Farida Naz, waiting at Karachi's main station for information about her husband, who works in the dining car of the third train.

"I don't know if he's alive or not."

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