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Last Updated: Friday, 3 February 2006, 07:59 GMT
World 'lukewarm to India's role'
Indian parade
India's global role has grown significantly
India fails to evoke any strong feelings from other countries in the world, a new poll for the BBC suggests.

The survey for the BBC World Service asked how 39,435 people in 33 nations across the globe saw various countries.

On an average, 41% of the people polled did not say whether India had a positive or negative influence.

The poll found Iran having a negative influence in the world, while Japan is most widely seen to have a positive influence.

Interestingly, Indians themselves are the most tepid or modest in their self-estimates
BBC World Service Poll

The survey by the international polling firm GlobeScan and the University of Maryland took place between October 2005 and January 2006.

Mixed response

The results on India's influence in the world are mixed, with most deciding not to answer one way or another.

On average, 35% of the people polled said India had a positive influence, while 24% believed it has a negative influence.


"Many more countries (22) countries gave it [India] a net positive rating (6), but nearly all of these are plurality positions (20 positive, 5 negative)," the poll said.

Two countries, Iran and Afghanistan, overwhelmingly voted to say India had a positive influence in the world.

In Iran, 71% had a positive view of India. In Afghanistan, 59% believed the same.

The only country with widespread negative view about India's influence is the Philippines with 57% voting "mainly negative".

Interestingly, Sri Lanka is upbeat about its big neighbour - 49% had a positive view, while only 4% were negative.

India's nuclear-armed neighbour Pakistan was not in the list of countries polled.

The poll found European countries divided about India.

Great Britain and Russia turned up most positive with over 47% having a positive view of India in the two countries.

France and Finland viewed India most negatively - both being 44% negative and 27% positive.
Indian cricket fan
Nearly half of Indians have a favourable view of their country

The US leans slightly positive towards India -39% had a positive view, while 35% thought negatively.

The poll found that Indians themselves were the "most tepid or modest in their self-estimates".

While in most countries a large majority give their country a positive rating, the picture is different in India.

Only 47% of Indians had a positive view of their country. Only 10% had a negative view.

A total of 1452 people above 18 years of age were polled in India.

The margin of error in polling ranged from 2.5% to 4%.

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