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Last Updated: Sunday, 29 January 2006, 16:43 GMT
Bryan Adams performs to Karachi
Pop star Bryan Adams in Karachi
Adams is the first Western pop star to perform in Pakistan since 9/11
Canadian pop star Bryan Adams is performing in Pakistan's port city of Karachi to raise money for survivors of last October's earthquake.

It is the first concert by a Western pop star in the country since the 11 September terror attacks in the US.

The authorities hope it signifies a "healthy cultural change" in the city, which has seen several bombings and terror attacks in recent years.

Some 20,000 tickets have been sold for Sunday's concert, despite steep prices.

'Cultural change'

Singer of hit songs, like Summer of '69, Adams said he was excited to be the first Western artist to perform a big concert in the country in four years.

Children in a refugee camp in Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-administered Kashmir
The proceeds from the concert will go towards rebuilding schools

"We are going to raise a lot of money to hopefully help rebuild some schools in the areas that have been devastated," he said.

Authorities say more than 73,000 people were killed and millions displaced in the 8 October earthquake.

Adams arrived in Karachi just days after the US state department issued a travel advisory for the country citing concerns about terrorism.

Sponsors said they have already sold more than 20,000 tickets, even though the ticket prices ranged from 3,500 rupees ($58) to 5,000 rupees ($83).

Pakistani authorities say the concert signifies change in the city after violent acts like the murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002 and militant revenge attacks in 2001 against President Pervez Musharraf for supporting the US-led war in Afghanistan.

"Adams' arrival and performance in Karachi is definitely a healthy cultural change and it signifies that moderate people are coming up in our society day by day," Information Minister Sheikh Rashid told the AFP news agency.


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