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Last Updated: Friday, 13 January 2006, 11:44 GMT
South Asia counts Hajj death toll
Aftermath of the Hajj stampede
The Mina stampede is the most deadly there in 16 years
South Asia is counting its dead from the Hajj stampede near Mecca in which at least 362 Muslim pilgrims died.

Pakistan says up to 35 of its citizens may have been killed and India puts its confirmed death toll so far at 28.

The pilgrims died as they sought to complete a stone-throwing ritual in Mina, Saudi Arabia, before sunset.

Pakistan sent about 150,000 pilgrims this year and India more than 130,000. They say some are unaccounted for as they became separated from relatives.

Hospital visits

The Indian consulate in Jeddah said 16 women were among the 28 Indian dead. Twelve of those who died were from Uttar Pradesh.

Anyone who dies on Hajj goes directly to Paradise. There are no possible ways to make it totally safe by earthly standards and still allow anyone who wants to come. We are willing to take the risk because it's not really a risk in the big picture
Syed, Islamabad

It said it was contacting the next of kin and offering assistance for the completion of burials.

The consul-general has visited injured pilgrims in hospitals in Mina.

India has announced compensation of 300,000 rupees ($6,700) for the families of each of the dead.

Pakistani foreign ministry spokeswoman, Tasnim Aslam, told the AFP news agency: "It's estimated that maybe about 30 to 35 Pakistanis may have died. "At the moment our people are visiting the mortuaries and trying to confirm."

Officials in Bangladesh, which sent 52,000 pilgrims to the Hajj, were still checking if any citizens had died.

Afghanistan said it had no information as yet.

Saudi officials said the stampede was caused by "unruly pilgrims and a problem of luggage".

Many pilgrims carried heavy bags and were unable to get up when they fell.

The ritual in Mina has seen many lethal stampedes but the number of dead this time is the highest in 16 years.

See the crush when pilgrims joined the stoning ritual

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