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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 January 2006, 19:14 GMT
Bollywood star's court outburst
By Narayan Bareth
BBC News, Jaipur

Salman Khan
Khan says the long trial is hurting his career
Bollywood star Salman Khan has voiced his frustration at a long-running case in which he is charged with poaching.

Khan told a court in India's Rajasthan state he would rather be put out of his misery than have to go through with the trial, which began in 1998.

"The court can hang me. I am tired of such lengthy proceedings," Khan told the court in the city of Jodhpur.

He denies killing two blackbucks, a protected species of antelope, during a break in filming in 1998.


Khan's outburst came while the magistrate was hearing the case against him on Thursday.

"I am tired of this. It is a question of my career," the actor is reported to have told the court.

"I am innocent and the court can even convict me, but the judgement should not be delayed."

Court officials advised him that the trial would proceed in accordance with the law and he should communicate through his lawyer, Hastimal Saraswat.

Mr Saraswat told the BBC he had been busy with his arguments and had not heard his client's outburst.

He had earlier pleaded that the case against Khan was totally fabricated. He accused the authorities of prosecuting the actor because he was a star.

But lawyers for the Bishnoi community, who initially pressed charges against Khan, claimed there was strong evidence pointing to his involvement in the killing of the black bucks.

The community worships the animal and protested when the incident was first reported in the local media.

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