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Guru accused of 'human bone' drug
Swami Ramdev [Pic: www.swamiramdev.info]
Swami Ramdev has described the allegations as a conspiracy
An Indian communist parliamentarian has accused a popular yoga guru of using human bones and animal parts in herbal drugs produced by his pharmacy.

MP Brinda Karat said she was basing her allegations on a report by a laboratory of the health ministry.

Ms Karat said she had collected two samples of medicines produced by Swami Ramdev's pharmacy and sent them to the ministry six months ago.

Swami Ramdev denies the allegations, saying they are part of a conspiracy.


The guru hosts a yoga show on Indian television that is said to attract hundreds of thousands of viewers.

His pharmacy, based in the northern town of Haridwar, stocks herbal medicines that, it is claimed, treat conditions ranging from epilepsy to cancer to impotency.

Traditional medicine
Traditional medicine is popular in India

"The impotency drug contains testicles of animals, crushed to powder. [Human] bone and skull powder was also detected," Ms Karat told journalists in Delhi.

"Using the popularity of television channels, he is selling drugs which are adulterated. This is a huge breach of trust to his followers."

Brinda Karat is a member of India's main leftist party, the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

A spokesperson for the health ministry confirmed a laboratory had carried out the tests.

"Tests have been done and the report made available to the Uttaranchal government [where Haridwar is located]," he told the Hindustan Times newspaper.

Swami Ramdev has dismissed the allegations, describing them as a conspiracy.

He said he was being framed by international companies who were opposed to his indigenous medicines.

"What is the proof that the samples on the basis of which these allegations are being made were of the medicines we make?" he asked journalists in the northern city of Lucknow.

He also said the samples could have been doctored.

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