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Pope's death: South Asia views
Nuns in India pray for Pope
Hundreds of readers from across the South Asia region have sent us their reaction to the death of Pope John Paul.

Here is a selection of their comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of views received:

His Holiness Pope John Paul II will always be remembered for the millions of hearts he touched all across the globe. I will always remember His Holiness for the wonderful Christmas messages he gave each year and in so many languages - even in Bengali, which happens to be my mother tongue. May the 'Lord' rest his soul in peace.
Sumita Banerjee, India

He was the only Pope I have ever known.
Palash Roy, Bangladesh
I did not expect to feel such sadness at his death but I do. I found myself crying uncontrollably when I saw the various programmes associated with the good deeds Pope John Paul II has done for the world. He was the only Pope I have ever known. Watching the world's reaction to his final hours and death over the past few days and also the beautiful tributes made by world leaders and ordinary people have made me really proud of my faith.
Palash Roy, Bangladesh

Peace was the one word he said when he came to our country and it was the only word he spoke of during his life time. Let us all pray for peace and harmony. Let us follow the path of peace and we will reach his door step.
Preethika Hari, India

I have always admired our Holy Father Pope John Paul ll. He has been a faithful shepherd of God and loyal until the end. He has shown a marvellous dedication to the Church and has touched the lives of billions.
Maria Luisa Antonio, Philippines

It is a great loss. I do not have the words to express the loss. I may not be a Catholic but still feel that this is a personal loss. Where would you come across such a great human in today's world? I wish I could have met him and told him that he also has a Hindu son who loves him and seeks his blessings. May his soul rest in peace and may he be united with the Lord whom he served till his last breath. Amen
Pavan Puri, India

He is love personified and continues to inspire, transcending religious, cultural and all other barriers in our times
Maricris Guingona, Philippines
Notwithstanding all the flak that he has been receiving in some quarters regarding his conservatism and outdated views on varied issues that beset our modern age, the Pope has been an exemplary model of how it is to be fully human yet still be of the divine. Best of all I think he is love personified and continues to inspire, transcending religious, cultural and all other barriers in our times.
Maricris Guingona, Philippines

I am a Christian, not a Roman Catholic, but I, too, weep to know that the world has lost an amazing spiritual leader. Pope John Paul II, You are the Father of all people, and You will live in the people's hearts. May You rest in peace, Your Holiness, and take your place by God's side. You will be greatly missed, I love you.
Jocelynn Khoo, Singapore

I'm not a Catholic but had great respect and admiration for the Pope. May his soul rest in peace. We'll see him in Heaven.
Vicky, Hong Kong

Pope John Paul II is admired by even my Muslim and Hindu friends. His impact is on all irrespective of religion and region. He is the most respected holy father in the modern world
Joseph Raj, India

I think notwithstanding all the flak that he has been receiving in some quarters regarding his conservatism and outdated views on varied issues that beset our modern times, the Pope has been an exemplary model of how it is to be fully human yet still be consistent with high ideals and principles. Best of all I think he is love personified, an unforgettable icon that continuous to inspire, transcending religious, cultural and all other forms of barriers in our times.
Maricris Guingona, Philippines

Thank you papa for guiding us and helping us love Christ. You will always have a special place in our hearts.Marcelino D'Souza, India

If one person has gradually let respect grow over this long period, it is the Pope. It was not for pride that he held his head high, but with pride and satisfaction in what he has gained. I look up to him and his life. Thank you Pope John Paul II. You shall be missed.
Julian George Oommen, India

A great visionary and man of ultimate conviction
Philips Joseph, India
Nobody is perfect except our Lord in the Eternity. Since the Holy Father, John Pope (May his soul rest in peace) was a human and for us a super human, he might also have some faults to accept him justified as one of us i.e. one of the best of creatures. Since his being had been a more beneficial fellow on earth than harmful, a few of his faults, if there were any, may be ignored for a greater cause of greater deeds that our Lord must have got done by/through him. Thanks our Lord to bless us with great people like him who are uniquely very rare among us.
A.R.Shams, Hyderabad (Sindh), Pakistan

Your were both Father and Mother to us. You shared our pains and sorrows in life You were our Good Shepherd who knew our voice. We were fortunate enough to be your sheep. You were willing to accept the sinners with love. We saw compassionate Father in your life. If we have hurt you in any way dear Papa Forgive us for all our human acts of failures. You bid farewell to all of us teaching another great lesson to our life suffering and death,be not afraid. I am happy, God Bless you loving Father, dear Pope.
Rev. Fr. K.A. Jude Raj Fernando, Sri Lanka

Pope John Paul II, suffered and died the same way Jesus died for the sins of the world. In God's family, there are no outsiders, no enemies. Black and white, rich and poor, gay and straight, Jew and Arab, Muslim and Christian, Hindu and Buddhist - all belong. When we start to live as brothers and sisters and to recognise our interdependence, we become fully human. So let us all reflect within ourselves and look at each other as God and help each other to live a life through God. There is so much bad in the world today, like racism, colour, caste, riches and proudness. So let's reflect and look back. We are only once on this planet and never again. God bless you all.
Jobby George Mathew, India

I am deeply saddened by the demise of our Holy Father. A great visionary and man of ultimate conviction. He was the fountain of spiritual solace and religious refuge for the entire world.
Philips Joseph, India

An extremely courageous man, a humble man who stood up for Peace and Justice of all humanity and touched the hearts of many regardless of their religion. May the Almighty bestow His greatest blessings on the late Pope in the hereafter.
Immi, Pakistan

God puts those men to test whom he loves to see if they stand the trial. Pope really stood the trial. He showed us the courage and hope. He was and will remain a messenger of peace, fraternity and wellness of human being. I as a Muslim pat my tributes to him and really feel his loss as a loss to humanity not just Christians. I think its important that we don't forget this in near future as an event of past. We should carry his message forward and do whatever we can to improve the world around us. And this is the most effective tribute we can pay to the Pope. May God bless his soul.
Irfan, Pakistan

I am deeply shocked hearing the sudden demise of the holy and respected person. May his soul rest in peace and his contributions will get proper place for the reference by future generations.
Keshav Bhattarai, Nepal

I am a Nepali Hindu. I had been deeply interested in the messages of peace by Pope John Paul-II. He has a deep impression on the people because of his tireless attempt to promote peace and brotherhood in the world. But today his physical presence has been lost from the world but his deep-rooted thoughts, messages and philosophies will remain in the world until the sun keeps rising and stars twinkling. I have been deeply saddened to hear his physical loss. I pray Him to rest his soul in complete rest in His throne in the heaven. We will always be remembering you Paul in our life. Bye Bye
Homlal Sapkota, Nepal

Pope John Paul II believed and practiced what he preached. At this moment, the glimpse that I had caught of him as a child on His visit to Calcutta, India, comes to mind. He has truly been a father figure for the youth of the Catholic Church. His death has created a vacuum that no one can fill. May His soul rest in peace.
Tabitha Paulraj, Calcutta, India

We have lost a wonderful pontiff, we mat pray for him to rest his soul in peace .
Bharath Solomon, India

The passing away of our shepherd brings us grief. I sincerely pray that his soul rest in peace. He has always been a guiding star to everyone around the world.
Graydon Rodricks, India

Pope John Paul was the champion of peace, justice and ambassador of love. The world have missed what a wonderful holy personality.
Naveed Walter, Pakistan

I lost my loving, caring and most beloved father in faith on earth.
Rev Fr Varghese Pathadan, India

Mourners gather in St Peter's Square

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