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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 October 2005, 12:07 GMT 13:07 UK
Aid workers killed near Kandahar
Isaf soldier checking the site of the rocket attack
Four rockets hit the capital hours before Ms Rice's visit
Five Afghan aid workers and six policemen have been killed in separate attacks in southern Afghanistan, officials say.

Three other aid workers were wounded in the ambush by suspected Taleban militants near the city of Kandahar.

The attacks came as US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice flew into Kabul, promising long-term US commitment to the country's peace and security.

Earlier rocket attacks had injured two people in the capital, Kabul.


The attack on aid workers took place about 1130 local time (0700 GMT) in Zere Dashte district, Abdul Qadir, the director of Afghan Help Development Services which employed the five, told the BBC.

The policemen were killed when their car was ambushed in Uruzgan province, governor Jan Mohammad Khan said.

Rocket attacks

In Kabul, there were four rocket attacks at about 0400 local time, a senior Afghan security official told the BBC's Bilal Sarwary.

One rocket exploded outside the residence of the Canadian ambassador, injuring two Afghan guards.

Two other rockets landed near a military base of the International Security Assistance Forces (Isaf), a spokeswoman said.

Another rocket hit a government building.

Rice visit

Ms Rice headed to Pakistan later in the day to meet President Musharraf and show US support following the devastating earthquake.

The BBC's Jonathan Beale, who is travelling with the US secretary of state, says Ms Rice wants to deliver an upbeat message.

She talked of remarkable progress in Afghanistan following last month's parliamentary elections.

She acknowledged that former Afghan warlords would be represented in the new parliament but added that it was unsurprising that there would be representatives from a variety of backgrounds.

Her talks with President Hamid Karzai were to focus on rebuilding the Afghan economy and countering the drugs trade, our correspondent says.

She also called for continuing international support.

Ms Rice told reporters that US troop levels were being constantly reviewed to reflect conditions on the ground but she promised that the US would not walk away.

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