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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 March, 2005, 18:06 GMT
Tsunami victims offered baby ops
The Indian state of Tamil Nadu has offered tsunami survivors free reversals of birth control procedures so that they can have more babies.

Those who lost their children in the Asian tsunami disaster will be able to go to state hospitals or ask for money to pay private clinics.

More than 2,500 children died in Tamil Nadu in the tsunami that struck across several parts of Asia on 26 December.

Tamil Nadu was worst hit part of India - nearly 10,000 people there died.

Government hospitals and health centres across the southern state are being equipped with facilities and qualified surgeons to help people wanting to take advantage of the state government's offer.

The surgeons will rejoin the reproductive tubes in people who have had vasectomy and tubectomy operations to prevent childbirth.

The treatment will be offered free of cost at all state-run facilities while those wanting to go to private hospitals will be given 25,000 rupees (US$570), according to a statement from the chief minister's office.

The BBC's TN Gopalan says the news brings hope to poor parents who had had birth control operations but could not pay for the reversal.


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