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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 September 2005, 12:21 GMT 13:21 UK
My Day in Afghanistan: Prison governor
As part of the BBC News website's One Day in Afghanistan coverage on 13 September, we heard from people from all walks of life, all over the country.

Here you can read more from General Haji Said, head of prisons in Parwan province, who describes life in an Afghan prison.

My day as the head of all the prisons in Parwan province began when I woke at 0330 local time.

Afghanistan prison
General Said is trying to improve conditions for Afghan prisoners
I prayed and then started reciting the holy Koran. At about 0700, together with some other officers, I had my breakfast and went to my office.

As usual I chaired an administrative meeting to assign the duties for today. Then the head of the provincial security came to the prison and had a meeting with me and my colleagues.

In the provincial capital jail, they have about 72 prisoners. They have their own daily routine and time table.

They are woken up early in the morning to first wash and then they will pray.

Then in the big prison courtyard they do their daily exercise.

After that they will have visitors. There is no time limit to these meetings and the only inspection we do is to make sure the prisoners have not escaped.

Improving conditions

At midday they have their lunch which for three days of the week is meat and rice and for the remainder chickpeas with other cereals and vegetables with rice.


Afterwards they will pray before attending a literacy course. All bar one of the prisoners attends these courses.

There are also five female prisoners who are served by two female officers who are housed in a separate building.

At the moment there is construction work happening in the central jail of Parwan province. I'm trying to make some more rooms and toilets for the prisoners there.

I've been working for the government for more than 21 years now. Thank God, I'm happy with my life and have no complaints.

There is no fighting in the country now and I'm most optimistic and hopefully all the skirmishes here and there will die down and the country will be in complete peace very soon.


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