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Last Updated: Monday, 5 September 2005, 13:46 GMT 14:46 UK
Asian nations offer US assistance
search for survivors in NO
Asian countries offer help to America where search for survivors of the hurricane still continues
Asian countries that have benefited from American aid in the past have been rallying to offer help to US citizens left homeless by Hurricane Katrina.

Among the world's poorest nations, Bangladesh has promised a million dollars and Afghanistan $100,000.

Sri Lanka - still struggling with the aftermath of tsunami - has said it is donating $25,000.

Indonesia and Thailand have offered medical teams as rescuers search for survivors a week after the hurricane.

More Asian aid

A tsunami in the Indian Ocean last December killed at least 200,000 people in countries as far apart as Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India.

American government made a donation to help the tsunami-hit nations. There were also many private donations.

Other Asian countries to offer support include India, which says it will provide five million dollars.

A fleet of Singaporean Chinook helicopters is already helping with the rescue effort in New Orleans.

Japan says it will provide emergency teams if they are needed.

At the weekend, South Korea offered $30m and China proposed giving five million dollars in disaster relief.


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