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Blitz on Indian cyber-cafe porn
Computer screen
Some of the cafe cubicles did not even have computers
North Indian police have cracked down on porn in cyber-cafes, including two that allegedly rented cubicles for $1.30 an hour for youths to have sex.

Police in Uttar Pradesh arrested more than 50 people, some of them naked.

Director-general of police, VKB Nair, told the BBC he ordered the drive after complaints that students were watching porn instead of attending classes.

It follows a scandal over the case of a Delhi schoolboy who allegedly filmed a sex act with a girl on his cell phone.


The BBC's Ram Dutt Tripathi in Lucknow says the Uttar Pradesh crackdown targeted a number of places that sold pornographic films and videos.

The boy is brought to juvenile court
The crackdown follows the Delhi school sex-clip case

In Agra, the owners of two cyber-cafes were allegedly providing sex cubicles for boys and girls for 60 rupees ($1.30) an hour.

Most of the cubicles did not even have computers - instead police found used condoms.

Police arrested 22 boys and girls there, in various states of undress.

The manager of one reputable cyber-cafe said he was surprised that his establishment was virtually deserted while the others were crowded despite being almost twice as expensive.

Mr Nair also said some cinema halls were caught illegally showing parts of films that were cut by the censors.

He has asked all district police chiefs to file reports on the crackdown by 29 December.


Allahabad district police chief, Sunil Gupta, said two people had been arrested there for selling pornographic video CDs.

Avnish Bajaj, of Baazee.com
Baazee.com has reacted angrily to Mr Bajaj's arrest

However, he denied media reports that police had received a video CD allegedly made by a boy of a sex act with his girlfriend which was then sold in markets for 250 rupees.

In a similar case, which has shocked India, a 17-year-old Delhi schoolboy allegedly recorded a sex act with a girl, 16, on his mobile phone.

The clip was later sold on video CDs via auction site Baazee.com, sparking the arrest of its manager for India, Avnish Bajaj.

A juvenile court granted the boy bail but ordered him not to leave the country.

Mr Bajaj was also bailed and told not to leave.

He was arrested under India's information technology law, which prohibits the use of the internet to distribute obscene or pornographic material.

Bazee.com has said the offending clip was removed from the website as soon as the nature of its contents became known.

The alleged seller of the two minutes and 37 seconds clip, an engineering student, has also been arrested.

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