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Moscow's Afghan war: Witnesses
Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan on 24 December, 1979, sparking a war that would last a decade.

Twenty-five years on, the BBC asked people on both sides to look back on a conflict which marked their lives.

V Grigoryev
Soviet interpreter:

Karl Paks
Soviet sapper:

N Akhadova
Soviet mother:

S Tursunova
Soviet nurse:

Jason Elliot
British mujahid:

Gelalei Habib
Afghan teacher:

Afghan refugee:

Omar Nessar
Afghan editor:

Ex-Soviet soldiers talk of what it is like to be veterans of a war fought for a state which has ceased to exist. An Englishman who lived with the mujahideen describes the terrifying experience of a gun battle and a Soviet nurse bears witness to the anguish of the wounded.

Bereaved civilians remember their dead and two younger Afghans who ended up abroad look back on the different paths which took them away from their homeland.

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