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Last Updated: Friday, 27 August, 2004, 12:59 GMT 13:59 UK
'Bomb blasts' at Indian mosques
Bombs at two mosques in the western Indian state of Maharashtra have injured a number of people, police say.

The blasts in the towns of Jalna and nearby Parbhani, 500km from Bombay, occurred as Friday prayers were held.

Police say at least 19 people are reported wounded after attackers threw explosive devices into the mosques.

Reports say both towns are tense. Hindu-Muslim relations in western India have been strained since Gujarat state's deadly religious riots in 2002.

'Crude bombs'

Maharashtra's police chief, SM Shangari told the BBC: "Seven people are reported injured in Jalna and 12 in Parbhani."

He described the bombs as "crude".

He added that the situation was tense - but under control - and additional police has been sent to both districts. More are on standby.

Crowds had earlier been reported roaming the streets and forcing businesses to shut.

Police say the bomb in Jalna town was thrown as a large group of Muslims were coming out of a mosque after prayers.

They say that they have no idea as to the identity of the attackers, but a curfew has been imposed.

Life sentence for Bombay bombers
09 Jul 04  |  South Asia

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