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Last Updated: Sunday, 22 August, 2004, 17:28 GMT 18:28 UK
Press shock over Bangladesh attacks
Awami League supporter in grief after blasts
The agony of violence

Graphic photographs of bloodshed and carnage cover the front pages of Bangladeshi newspapers the day after a series of grenade attacks at an opposition Awami League rally in the capital, Dhaka, killed 18 people and wounded hundreds.

The press is united in its horror over the attacks, noting the country's widespread fear and unease.

"Dhaka is a city of fear," says the Bengali-language Prothom Alo daily.

"The whole country speechless as hell is unleashed," reads the front-page headline in the pro-Awami League Bengali newspaper, Bhorer Kagoj.

A front-page editorial in the same paper is despairing of the situation.

"This country is no longer for sane and civilised people- it has been turned into a country of barbarians!"

'Blame game'

The English-language Bangladesh Journal is highly critical of the government for failing to stop recent attacks in the country.

Saturday's attack follows a series of bomb blasts in the north-eastern city of Sylhet earlier this year.

Nothing will please the perpetrators more than to see us degenerating into chaos and conflict
Daily Star

"What is particularly pathetic about Bangladesh's present political situation is that our political leaders and activists start blame games soon after any such attacks are carried out," it says.

"Such irresponsible blame games only create public frustrations and disbelief over our political leadership's ability to run the country and its political affairs."

The Daily Star also points the finger at the government. "We have been alerting the government, ad nauseum, to get at the roots of all the bomb blasts that have occurred in the country," it says.

But the paper warns against falling into a "recrimination and blame game".

"Nothing will please the perpetrators more than to see us degenerating into chaos and conflict."

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